Today was an amazing day at the WJMC. 

I got to meet with my representative Todd Platts which was amazing.  Every time I hear intelligent politicians speak (and especially passionate ones) it really makes me want to become involved in politics.  Todd Platts was an incredibly nice person, and was very down-to-earth.  He spoke to me, my friend Kasi, and another girl who was from PA.  The meeting lasted for 40 minutes, but it was really great to be able to speak with him, ask him questions, and listen to him talk about life as a legislator.

Another great thing I took away from it was his discussion about internships.  He said that they take on high school interns, but more importantly college interns who can go on to get jobs in his office.  I think I might look into that…

Anyway, after that my friend and I walked around Washington DC, had our picture taken in front of the Capitol, and then went to the train station to find some coffee.

Once we got out of DC we came back to get ready for the Gala which was amazing.  I took alot of pictures there which is actually a bit rare for me.  It was a lot of fun.

I’m actually very sad that WJMC is coming to an end.  I’ve made such great friendships while I was here, and have had an overall amazing experience listening to the speakers and learning all I can about journalism. 

So sadly this will probably be my last, or at least close to last blog about the WJMC.  It’s been an amazing experience – one that’s sadly hard for me to put in words (ironic because I’m writing a blog huh?)  But I’ll definitely always remember this experience.  Fortunately I took notes so I can reflect on what I learned more fully when I get home and get a chance to process things.  I will probably also follow all the speakers on twitter and try to send thank yous of some sort.  I really appreciated them taking time to talk to us students at WJMC.

Anyway, I will have to get some sleep now.  Tomorrow is my mom’s birthday which is a perfect day to be back at home with my family.

  Thanks for reading!